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  • Tour Recap

    Posted : April 17, 2013

    Over the last 60 days the tires on our zebra striped tour van have rolled across 7500 miles of the concrete and asphalt ribbons that tie these united states together.  Taco Bells, Carl’s Juniors, and Wendy’s fly by at an alarming rate but in the midst of the monotony of highway travel there are wonderful stops, beautiful people, and cherished experiences.
    We melted under the Texas sun at SXSW in Austin and froze in the icy winds near Salt Lake City. What started as the Salad Tour with evening sessions of Jillian Michaels ended with milk shakes and movies.  We slept on kitchen floors, couches, air mattresses, pillow topped beds and van seats.  Our herd was welcomed into 30 different homes as we discovered extreme and sometimes spontaneous hospitality can be found from Jacksonville to Vancouver and all points in between.

    Whether performing for small crowds in intimate settings in Louisville, Salt Lake, and Baton Rouge, or raucous crowds in DC, Boise, Chicago, and Seattle, every night was memorable in it’s own unique way. We broke 5 strings at The Maintenance Shop in Ames, IA, left our kick pedal at The Conspiracy Room in Kansas City, MO, had a trash can on stage at the Spotify Show in Austin since Teresa was barfing before she came on, and Annah mysteriously disappeared from stage at The Soiled Dove in Denver. Perhaps our happiest stage moment was having the entire Kris Orlowski Band along with a few fans join us for a loud round of “heps” at the end of Dark Am I at The Loft in San Diego.

    Many thanks to the bands that shared the stage with us. We cannot forget vocal warm ups in the car with Bombadil, the mesmerizing light show of England In 1819, the impromptu outdoor acoustic fire alarm induced moment with Kris Orlowski, and AJ Odneal’s crazy hair and honest songs.

    We took opportunity to worship on our own in the Hogan’s living room in Augusta, GA,  with the small congregation of our bio- chemist host, Fuz Rana in Ontario, CA, and with Iowa State students at a mega church in Ames.

    It was our privilege to be hosted for sessions with Sojourners, Nashville’s Fox 17, Gibson Guitars, Spotify, Google Play, Altar TV, Red Frog for Firefly, Invisible Children, Ballard Sessions, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and two special performances for Jason Lee Middle School in Vancouver, WA. and Trinity Academy in Raleigh, NC.
    We look forward to doing it again and thank all of you who came out to our shows, bought our music and merch, and shared us with your friends. We hope we touched your life in a unique way as you certainly touched ours. We hope to see you at a festival this summer. Be on the look out for some clues to treasures we’ve left around the country during the Inheritance Tour.

    -Dan Hardesty

  • Inheritance LP

    Posted : March 5, 2013

    Every one of us receives and passes on an inheritance.  The inheritance may not be an accumulation of earthly possessions or acquired riches, but whether we realize it or not, our choices, words, actions, and values will impact someone and form the heritage we hand down.  As a group of family and friends, creating musical art together, it is our desire to pass on a heritage of beauty, goodness, and truth.  The collection of songs on our Inheritance album reflects these themes, and explores the importance of sacrifice, humility, and commitment.

    An inheritance is not generally received without the experience of some loss.  The gift is received at the expense of another.  The legacy handed down, is often marked by death.  The artwork for our album purposefully captures this concept.  The cover depicts a nighttime burial.  It is the internment of an honored leader.  It is a dark moment, and yet lovely, as his comrades pay homage and recognize the value and impact of a life.  They pause to offer respect to a man whose life and legacy will forever affect their own.

    Our hope is that the themes found in the songs of this album impact and affect those who listen. We are learning that as we walk with a spirit of compassion, practice humility, and die to self, we can experience the beauty and power of leaving an inheritance of worth while still on this earth.

  • Inheritance EP

    Posted : October 22, 2012

    Hello to all–we’re as excited to have this new website as we hope you are to take a look around and spend some time checking out all the goodies. We still have some fun ideas in store for additions in the future, but we must say – we love our new home and we’re happy to have you here with us! We can’t wait to keep sharing all of the exciting news with you so keep checking in for new posts.

    Speaking of news… did you hear? We released our EP Inheritance on Republic Records today!

    It’s true – we are proud to share Inheritance with you so we hope you enjoy! We have rearranged some of our old songs and we have created new music as well so check it out and share it with your friends.

    If you have seen us live and want another chance or maybe you haven’t had the opportunity to join us at a show there are three coming up in the next three days that are going to be amazing!

    TONIGHT 10/23 Rockwood Music Hall NYC, NY 6:30pm – headline EP release show
    Tomorrow 10/24 Brighton Music Hall Allston, MA 9:00pm – with Langhorn Slim & The Law
    Friday 10/25 Brooklyn Bowl Brooklyn, NY 8:00pm - with Langhorn Slim & The Law

  • Distance

    Posted : October 22, 2012

    Anything meaningful and good is worth protecting and working hard to preserve. We pour forth effort to protect the environment, and guard the preservation of historical monuments and recognize value and significance in anything into which we give time, energy, and resources.  In the case of the song, Distance, that which is being fought for and protected is an important and very dear relationship.  Sometimes we must work to preserve these things from a distance. Any one in a relationship with someone living far from their own home understands this.

    The song “Distance”  is for those of us who love someone that we see far less often then we desire. We find hope and encouragement away from them in the thought that the little amount of time we do spend with them, is infinitely better, and worth every day we spend by ourselves. To sustain something virtuous and genuine, you must give your all and fully commit to it. If what you are sustaining from a distance is relational and intimate, you must be understanding, communicative, and unassuming. You must be willing to spend a lot of time away from the one you love, in exchange for the precious time you spend with them. Distance, is not for the fearful, it is for the bold.