Anything meaningful and good is worth protecting and working hard to preserve. We pour forth effort to protect the environment, and guard the preservation of historical monuments and recognize value and significance in anything into which we give time, energy, and resources.  In the case of the song, Distance, that which is being fought for and protected is an important and very dear relationship.  Sometimes we must work to preserve these things from a distance. Any one in a relationship with someone living far from their own home understands this.

The song “Distance”  is for those of us who love someone that we see far less often then we desire. We find hope and encouragement away from them in the thought that the little amount of time we do spend with them, is infinitely better, and worth every day we spend by ourselves. To sustain something virtuous and genuine, you must give your all and fully commit to it. If what you are sustaining from a distance is relational and intimate, you must be understanding, communicative, and unassuming. You must be willing to spend a lot of time away from the one you love, in exchange for the precious time you spend with them. Distance, is not for the fearful, it is for the bold.